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Knight is currently one of the league

Le 12 December 2017, 08:58 dans Humeurs 0

Knight is currently one of the league's most popular teams, they have won 11 straight wins, quietly back to the eastern second place. The Bulls are the worst teams in the league at the moment, having already suffered eight straight games and won only one of the past 10 games, ranking the bottom of the East. Warriors in the face of the Pelicans have made nine straight, in the past 20 games between the two sides, the Warriors get 19 wins and 1 defeat, if you count the 2015 playoffs to sweep the pelicans, the Warriors in the face of pelicans already Won 13 straight, in the face of Pelicans, the Warriors have the absolute psychological advantage Matt Benning Jersey. After winning the race today, the Rockets continued to rank No. 1 in Western China with 18 wins and 4 losses, ahead of the second warriors and won two fewer games than the Warriors Nikita Nikitin Jersey. So far this season, the Rockets have a record of 10-1 on the road Mark Letestu Jersey, the best in the league, and their points per game (+11.4 points) rank first in the league (with the Warriors) Connor McDavid Jersey.

Wade may be the best sixth

Le 12 December 2017, 08:58 dans Humeurs 0

Wade may be the best sixth-best candidate, though he is one of my best friends Taylor Hall Jersey, but I am not biased. "James said." Look at the other teams, because Eric - Gordon injured a lot of games this season Rob Klinkhammer Jersey, Iguodala missed many games, take a look at Manu - Ginobili, Jamal Crawford ... They're both sixth, right? Wade may be a leader now, but there is still a long way to go Paul Coffey Jersey. Too easy to win, people will start to worry about the Rockets concentration. In this regard, coach D'Antoni said: "To be honest, we have a few people today who are not particularly full-spirited and we have to overcome this Leon Draisaitl Jersey. We have to overcome some minor troubles and not be affected by them. If we can guarantee self-control, Assurance of excitement, we are very difficult to beat. "Paul talked about how to overcome complacency, referred to the veteran role, bluntly veteran experience will ensure that players remain in communication, to ensure that we will not be distracted. Chris Paul, PJ-Tucker and Luke - Richard - Bart Mody these players to join, to further enhance the Rockets offensive and defensive strength, but Harden know won the championship is not so easy. "It's a gradual process and we have to work hard every day," said Harden. "Of course we have some ups and downs, but as long as we look at our big goals, then we will be fine."

In fact people can rest assured that

Le 12 December 2017, 08:58 dans Humeurs 0

In fact, people can rest assured that the Rockets, because the team's two leaders believe that the team is far from done, especially in the defensive rebound protection. Harden said, "to be honest, we gave them too many opportunities Adam Cracknell Jersey, too many second offensive opportunities Matt Hendricks Jersey.They got seven offensive rebounds in the first section, there are many free throws, by which they got more than 20. We would like to later We did that, we did it, and we stepped up and we stopped the opponent's attack. "Paul added," I do not think we have met our standards in the light of the mistakes and defensive rebound protection we have the ability to do Even better, we only think about ourselves in each game and will continue to improve ourselves. It can be said so far this season, Rockets and Harden looks good, in this season's rocket has been carried out in 22 games, Harden each game got at least 20 points and 5 assists data Lauri Korpikoski Jersey, this is the NBA The longest record in history. The previous record was created by Allen Iverson, who did that for the first 14 games of the 2004-05 season. For such a Harden, the opponent only admired. "He can not stop," Kuzma said. "He will have a lot of dribbles, but you still have a hard time preventing players like him, especially when there is no defense. So far this season Thompson shot 50 Darnell Nurse Jersey.1% from the field goal percentage of 46.1% from the field, 88.5% free throw shooting, God of War is expected to enter the 50 +40 +90 180 clubs. Clay - Thompson had revealed before the season individual new season goal: to join Curry and Durant's 50 +40 +90 club.

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