Knight is currently one of the league's most popular teams, they have won 11 straight wins, quietly back to the eastern second place. The Bulls are the worst teams in the league at the moment, having already suffered eight straight games and won only one of the past 10 games, ranking the bottom of the East. Warriors in the face of the Pelicans have made nine straight, in the past 20 games between the two sides, the Warriors get 19 wins and 1 defeat, if you count the 2015 playoffs to sweep the pelicans, the Warriors in the face of pelicans already Won 13 straight, in the face of Pelicans, the Warriors have the absolute psychological advantage Matt Benning Jersey. After winning the race today, the Rockets continued to rank No. 1 in Western China with 18 wins and 4 losses, ahead of the second warriors and won two fewer games than the Warriors Nikita Nikitin Jersey. So far this season, the Rockets have a record of 10-1 on the road Mark Letestu Jersey, the best in the league, and their points per game (+11.4 points) rank first in the league (with the Warriors) Connor McDavid Jersey.