Wade may be the best sixth-best candidate, though he is one of my best friends Taylor Hall Jersey, but I am not biased. "James said." Look at the other teams, because Eric - Gordon injured a lot of games this season Rob Klinkhammer Jersey, Iguodala missed many games, take a look at Manu - Ginobili, Jamal Crawford ... They're both sixth, right? Wade may be a leader now, but there is still a long way to go Paul Coffey Jersey. Too easy to win, people will start to worry about the Rockets concentration. In this regard, coach D'Antoni said: "To be honest, we have a few people today who are not particularly full-spirited and we have to overcome this Leon Draisaitl Jersey. We have to overcome some minor troubles and not be affected by them. If we can guarantee self-control, Assurance of excitement, we are very difficult to beat. "Paul talked about how to overcome complacency, referred to the veteran role, bluntly veteran experience will ensure that players remain in communication, to ensure that we will not be distracted. Chris Paul, PJ-Tucker and Luke - Richard - Bart Mody these players to join, to further enhance the Rockets offensive and defensive strength, but Harden know won the championship is not so easy. "It's a gradual process and we have to work hard every day," said Harden. "Of course we have some ups and downs, but as long as we look at our big goals, then we will be fine."